COrona2. By streamlining the way the COrona2's operational data is processed and communicated across long and short distances, our technology has enabled COrona2 customers, regardless of location, to respond to operational improvements made in other COrona2 units around the world. Our customers will acquire new farm gate revenues due to growth factor or production changes made by other COrona2operators and to be more competitive and responsive to their farm gate yields and the ever-changing market environment.

This single innovation positions the IRIS Solar COrona2 units as the largest agricultural research facility in the world. We guarantee that this knowledge will remain open source and freely available.

IRIS Solar has always taken pride in remaining close to the heart of developments in AgroSolar delivery systems and technologies while continuing to broaden its research base. As a result, our customers have benefited as we are able to offer them the latest in AgroSolar technology. IRIS Solar's level of service is being positioned as a clear leader in the delivery of AgroSolar solutions. By sticking to our principles of paying attention to quality and detail we are able to provide our customers with the winning edge.

David Pottier

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