Among the many advantages of the IRIS Solar System are reduced operating costs and increased farm gate yeilds, hence increased operator profits.

All IRIS Solar models maintain a positive pressure to limit pest entry. New models will have a fully automated COrona2® option which can further increase plant production by 200 to 300 percent in all models.

New research data on gas exchange and primary productivity at increased pressures supported an increase in photosynthetic rate of 200-300% in response to elevated carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, which is a previously unobserved phenomenon.

The data shows that plant quality and secondary productivity, that is, foliage produced under elevated carbon dioxide and oxygen, had a strongly elevated starch concentration in the leaves.

Under increased atmospheric pressure the elevated carbon dioxide levels resulted in photosynthetic rate stimulations of 200% in response to carbon dioxide alone, and of 300% in response to elevated levels of both carbon dioxide and oxygen.

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