EROI - Energy return on (energy) input

Faced with global warming, false solutions are promoted, such as agro-fuels from mono-cultures.

At IRIS Solar, we feel very strongly that we must get off not only the “pesticide threadmill” but the “transgenic or GMO treadmill”.

Food sovereignty is the right of individuals to choose the way they produce and consume food. Food as a basic human right that should not be treated as a commodity by multinational agro or chemical companies. GMO's should not be allowed to destroy our global biodiversity.

We believe in local food production that ends the unnecessary transport of food and ensures that what comes to our table is safe, fresh and nutritious.

Energy Accounting

Energy accounting of agriculture shows that there is a decreasing efficiency in the use of energy in modern agriculture. IRIS Solar Systems increase the efficiency of energy usage and greatly increased production at the same time.

In fact, industrial agriculture is one of the main drivers of climate change, carrying food around the world, imposing industrial forms of production (mechanization, intensification, use of agrochemicals, GMO's, monoculture ...), destroying biodiversity and its ability to capture carbon, transforming agriculture from a producer of energy into an energy consumer.

Agriculture can be seen as a system of transformation of energy. What are the energy inputs into agriculture (not counting sun energy, that is free) and what is the output?

  • Biofuels have a low EROI, energy return on energy input
  • Biofuels contain much “virtual water” – the water used to grow them
  • Biofuels increase the HANPP (human appropriation of net primary production of biomass) to the detriment of other species

Feeding Cars

Feeding cars instead of people is insanity!

As far back as 1973 scientist calculated the EROI of agricultural systems. Their results showed that the energy efficiency of modern agriculture was declining compared to traditional agriculture. Agriculture used to be a producer of energy.

Modern agriculture consumed more energy than it produced!!!

The IRIS Solar System's next generation greenhouse systems have reversed the energy curve, produce far more food and have a "Zero Carbon" footprint.

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