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  1. PVC truss tape to support greenhouse tabletop soft fruit strawberries for Ontario

    According to hortidaily.com; Naltsen Trading is specialized in the production and export of greenhouse resources. The company is focused on overseas markets including the Netherlands, UK, USA,

    Strawberries are one of the most widely cultivated fruits around the world. Maybe that’s why there are so many different cultivation methods, including greenhouse, polytunnel, and open-field cultivation.

    Strawberry growers and distributors love our truss support tape, which is treated with a UV-resistant coating and accurately cut to avoid sharp edges that could damage the fruit stem. Continue Reading

    For more information:

    For service or pricing please text 226-346-1072 (Kingsville, Ontario, Canada)
    Jasen Zhang
    Hebei Naltsen Trading Co., Ltd.

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  2. Let’s Have Lunch! You are invited to a Projar Lunch and Learn Session 2022

    Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberry, Blackberry
    by Projar Valencia (Spain) Experts in berry growing.

    Berry prices have magnificent growth year-on-year in U.S. market. Berries and have seen higher prices, over 50%, than in previous seasons.

    How can we help you?

    Projar is the only horticultural technology company that provides a complete package of solutions for the cultivation of berries.

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  3. According to greenhousegrower.com: Beginning today, Oishii’s Omakase Berries will be $20 for trays of 11 medium berries or eight large berries, $11 for trays of six medium berries, and $6 for trays of three medium berries. The special-edition First Flower Berry will remain at $50 for a tray of six.

    “At Oishii, we are committed to revolutionize the future of food by offering the best-tasting produce, grown in a way we believe is better for people and better for the planet,” says Hiroki Koga, CEO and Co-Founder of Oishii. Today marks an important step in making good on that promise.

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  4. According to The Guardian: Canada says it will ban Huawei and ZTE from the country’s 5G network, a move that puts it in line with intelligence-sharing allies, but risks further chilling relations with China.

    The federal government made the announcement on Thursday afternoon after signaling for months it intended to block China’s flagship telecommunications companies from accessing 5G networks in Canada.
    “We’ll take any actions necessary to safeguard our telecommunications infrastructure,” said the innovation minister, François-Philippe Champagne. Telecoms providers who already have equipment from the firms must remove it – and Champagne said there would be no compensation provided by the federal government.

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  5. According to facebook.com/meijer: Located in West Michigan, Revolution Farms can grow up to 1.5 million pounds of fresh lettuce each year. With this proximity, its produce can go from farm-to-plate in one to two days, less than half the time it takes for lettuce grown on the West Coast to make it to the Midwest. Revolution Farms’ mission is to disrupt the fresh produce industry by growing and harvesting hyper-local salad greens for consumers year-round, using advanced indoor farming methods.

    “Food tastes better when it’s grown closer to you. Meijer is our hometown retail partner, so partnering with them to expand their local greens selection, as well as growing the lettuce for their salad kits, will help more families easily find sustainably-grown, nutrient-rich greens,” said John Green, founder and CEO of Revolution Farms.


  6. According to Greenhouse Canada: After experimenting with different media, there was a transition period where commercial growers tried the different options. Many growers in Alberta switched over to rockwool, but coir started coming into the picture in the early 2000s and many started using this as the main growing medium instead. Lately, rockwool has been gaining ground again. Growers will keep on changing their growing media based on cost, ease of handling, disposal, and other considerations.

    Soilless cultivation by hydroponics is the most commonly used technique worldwide. That includes cultivation in sand, peat moss, rice hulls, gravel, and other locally available growing media.

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  7. According to National Post: A service station in North Vancouver sells gas at more than $2 a litre in March 2022. It’s the first time that gasoline in a major Canadian market has ever cracked the $2 mark.

    With gas prices continuing to shatter records all across Canada, governments are now beginning to toy with the idea of offering some relief in the form of tax holidays.

    Gas prices are being sent into the stratosphere primarily due to a global oil shortage brought about by an oil-thirsty world economy waking up from the COVID-19 pandemic. But taxes still remain one of the biggest single contributors to Canadian fuel prices when weighed against other drivers such as crude oil prices, refining costs and the markup charged by fuelling stations.

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  8. According to krishijagran.com: One of the advantages of indoor hydroponic gardening is that pests are significantly less likely to attack your plants. However, “much less susceptible” does not imply “impenetrable,” because bugs are widespread in hydroponic farming. 

    Spider Mites

    Spider mites are not favorable to hydroponic cultivation. Since these small pests are only a millimeter in diameter, their webs are more visible than the mites themselves. If you notice a spider mite infestation, act swiftly because it will rapidly proliferate and might eventually take over your whole garden.

    Spider mites make their living by sucking plant sap and fluids.

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  9. According to windsorstar.com: The Hydrogen Integrated Greenhouse Horticultural Energy partnership, which includes the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers, the University of Windsor and Kruger Energy, is putting together the economic and regulatory modelling required to launch a pilot project in a year.

    The project ultimately proposes building a commercial facility that uses wind turbines to produce electricity and hydrogen that greenhouse operators can access without the need of the region’s main transmission lines.

    “I think it’s an opportunity to look at renewables,” said Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers general manager Joe Sbrocchi.

    I’m optimistic the project will prove successful.

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  10. According to news.un.org: A national database has listed all those who’ve been reported missing in the country since 1964, and the tally continues to climb, amid ongoing drug gang violence and a lack of effective investigations.

    To date, only 35 of the disappearances recorded since then have led to the conviction of the perpetrators, a “staggering rate of impunity”, said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

    According to Mexico’s database on disappeared individuals, about a quarter are women, and around a fifth were under 18 when they went missing.

    The vast majority of cases where the date of disappearance is unknown –  some  97 per cent –  happened after December 2006, when Mexico transitioned to a militarized model of public security.

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