Policy of the Dutch governments is aimed at sustainable glasshouse horticulture in terms of economy, environment and labour conditions. In the Covenant Glasshouse Horticulture and Environment, government and glasshouse industry have set ambitious goals for energy, crop protection and fertilization for glasshouse industry in 2010.

The goals for energy saving are linked to the Kyoto protocol on the reduction of CO2 emission by setting a maximum for the glasshouse industry CO2 emission to 6.5 Mton at the actual area of 10.500 ha, which will be increased to 7.1 Mton if the area increases to 11.500 ha.

The ambition is that greenhouse systems built from 2020 on will compensate equally energy consumption by energy production. Assimilation lighting has proven to be a powerful tool to increase production and quality, especially in winter.

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